Everything starts from Durum Wheat

We use only select grains for Dibenedetto Pasta, because the choice of ingredients determines the flavour, aroma and nutritional properties of our pasta and provides a guarantee of food safety and a controlled production chain.

The selection of the best Italian durum wheat semolina is followed by the slow and careful processing of the dough, which is then drawn into special moulds, different in size.

Superior-Quality Pasta

only from the best selected semolinas


Quality production and a delicious product

The slow speed of our mixers and other machines guarantees the quality of the final product, as it keeps all the sensory properties of the grain unaltered. What comes out is an excellent fresh pasta, ready to be dried.

The pasta is sealed in static dryers where the humid atmosphere and low temperatures do not interfere with the product, leaving it to dry slowly and naturally.

The secret of its quality lies in know-how developed over time, as artisan dried pasta production requires not only an understanding of the right balance between the temperature of the water, the grain of the semolina and the atmospheric conditions, but also a lot of patience, dedication and experience.

These are all skills that the Dibenedetto master pasta makers have developed and honed over forty years of activity and love for dried pasta.


This line is entirely dedicated to regional pasta shapes.

“Tradition” unites all types of pasta that are symbols of local food culture: orecchiette, cavatelli, capunti. Typical shapes from regional cooking that have made taste and simplicity their winning ingredients.


Our bronze-cut pastas tell the story of an art of pasta-making that privileges perfection in shape, porosity to the touch, and a pleasing taste. Each shape mixes well with any type of sauce, bringing the simplicity of good pasta to the table, enriched with creative flair.

A line created to bring more flavour to the table, Tris was conceived with the desire to bring pleasure and colour to the world of pasta.
Thanks to spinach and tomato – healthy, natural ingredients – the pasta has a full-bodied, delicious flavour that makes any pasta dish even more creative.

In our variety of shapes dedicated to Italy, you can embark on tours of flavours both old and new that span the Bel Paese, crosswise and lengthwise. The pasta in this range represents tradition and innovation, rigour and creativity, in a mixture of soul and flavour capable of winning over palates all over the world.