The secrets of the goodness of pasta Dibenedetto are: land, raw materials and processing techniques of the dough. Speaking of the territory just say that Altamura home to the famous bag of grain (which are also addressed the internationally renowned pasta ).


It has a centuries-old tradition in the history of the mills ( for which he developed techniques for transformation of grain into fine semolina ) and converts 28,000 tons of wheat per day . The raw material is a result of excellent quality and the processing techniques and the natural lens.





It's a city of the province of Bari in Puglia.


It is the eighth most populated municipality of the region and by extension on the thirteenth of Italy.

The town of Altamura is known in Italy and abroad for the production of a typical bread PDO, for its cathedral, high example of Apulian Romanesque, Gothic (thirteenth century ) and paleontological discoveries of global interest: the man Altamura and the dinosaur quarry.


Part of the territory Altamura is included in the Alta Murgia National Park.